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Craigslist Notifier allows you to monitor Craigslist for posts that pertain to your specific needs. Weather your looking for a “new” car or perhaps in the market for a new job. No matter what your needs may be, with Craigslist Notifier you will no longer miss great deals that go fast. With Craigslist Notifier, you can be rest assured to get instant notifications of the posts YOU want when you want them! Which will give you an edge over the competition!

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Instant Notifications

No costly hardware upgradeOn the go? Don't have time to sit in front of the computer? At work and can't install 3rd party software on your work pc? No problem Craigslist Notifier has a variety of notification types that it can send you. These include Email, Text (SMS), and Onscreen.

View multiple results simultaneously

Just plug in USB flashAn unfortunate thing about Craigslist is when you want to search for multiple things at the same time the process and be quite daunting. Craigslist Notifier allows you to specify multiple search criteria allowing you to view the results and receive notifications for each criteria all at the same time.


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  • XP and Vista Compatible
  • Configurable notification types (Text, Email, Onscreen etc)
  • Automatic updating. If a new version gets published no worries Craiglist Notifier will update itself
  • Aggregate post view. View multiple posts of 1 or more search criteria at the same time
  • And most important! Be the first one to respond to new posts.



Questions? Email us!

 Questions Email us!